105 Things to Be Happy About Right This Second

  1. You’re alive
  2. Everyday is a new start
  3. There are endless possibilities
  4. There is someone out there hoping you’ll succeed
  5. You have people that care about you
  6. You can literally do anything you put your mind to
  7. Netflix binging
  8. Fresh flowers
  9. A really good nap
  10. You could meet your soulmate at any second
  11. Going to the beach
  12. Listening to someone talk about what they’re passionate about
  13. Finding a book you can’t put down
  14. Having the opportunity to become famous
  15. Finding money you forgot you had in a pair of jeans
  16. Payday
  17. The sense of accomplishment at the end of a really busy day
  18. Any kind of baby animal
  19. Going to dinner with a group of friends
  20. Figuring out problem you’ve been working on for what seems like hours
  21. Changing into comfy clothes at the end of the day
  22. Booking a vacation
  23. The possibility of falling in love
  24. Making a living out doing what you love
  25. Helping someone in need
  26. Becoming a better person than you were before
  27. Early mornings, the birds chirping, dew on the grass, and the sunrise
  28. Sunsets
  29. Picnics
  30. Getting lunch with an old friend and catching up
  31. Taking the first sip of your favorite drink
  32. Getting a hug from someone you love
  33. Your first kiss with your S.O
  34. Your favorite hoodie/T-shirt
  35. The Northern Lights
  36. Realizing how big the world is and knowing you could travel endlessly
  37. Finishing the best book you’ve ever picked up
  38. Wishing on a shooting star
  39. Same thing at 11:11
  40. Knowing that one day you’re going to have an amazing family that you’ll love to pieces
  41. Unless you already have that family and you know what that love feels like
  42. YOU have impacted at least one other person’s life in a positive way
  43. You have set goals and you have achieved them
  44. Waking up next to someone you love
  45. Figuring out what your purpose is
  46. Lemonade stands
  47. Chocolate
  48. Finishing someones sentence
  49. The Oceans
  50. Mountains
  51. The butterflies you get in your stomach when you see your crush
  52. Today could be the best day of your life
  53. You are a part of something great
  54. Being able to have millions of hobbies
  55. Art
  56. Music
  57. You are unique
  58. Lemon water
  59. Cute little coffee shops
  60. Buying those pair of shoes you have wanted for sooo long
  61. Redecorating your room/house
  62. You can learn a new language
  63. Palm trees
  64. Alone time
  65. The weekend is coming
  66. You can donate to some amazing charities to help those in need
  67. Sitting down after a long day
  68. Technology
  69. Soft blankets
  70. Drinking hot chocolate while it’s snowing
  71. Having friends that will have your back
  72. Having a support system
  73. Having that one person that always knows exactly what to say
  74. Puppies
  75. Saying something at the same exact time as someone else
  76. Figuring out that song name you have been able to think of
  77. Comfy sweaters
  78. Hand-writing a letter for someone
  79. Baseball hats
  80. Movie nights
  81. Inside jokes
  82. Making someone proud
  83. Having something you worked hard on recognized
  84. Surprises
  85. Warm fresh cookies
  86. Nicknames
  87. Adult coloring books
  88. Seeing the best in everyone
  89. Knowing there is a tutorial on literally EVERYTHING
  90. Really neat notes
  91. Being organized
  92. Colorful pens
  93. Laughing so hard you cry
  94. Finishing something you’ve been putting off for months
  95. Creating the best playlist of all time
  96. Lists
  97. A fresh manicure
  98. Waking up in a really good mood
  99. All-nighters
  100. Live music
  101. The smell during the holidays
  102. Good hair days
  103. Being on time
  104. Pumpkin patches
  105. Fresh fruit

Miss Elizabeth

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