16 Things I Never Want to Do Before I Die

  1. Be arrested
  2. Never experience foreign cultures around the world
  3. See my loved ones pass away
  4. Rely on a man for everything
  5. Get divorced
  6. Try the Military Diet
  7. Give up
  8. Become that mom that yells at umpires or referees at my child’s sporting events
  9. Abuse any type of substance
  10. Accidentally mistake salt for sugar
  11. Go on a hike and forget water.. Or bug spray
  12. Go on a cruise – I’ve watched the Titanic far too many times and it’s ruined me
  13. Along with that. Being in a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean for absolutely any reason. Again, too many movies.
  14. Be diagnosed with alzheimer’s
  15. Go trophy hunting
  16. Live with my parents forever

11 Replies to “16 Things I Never Want to Do Before I Die”

  1. I love this! We once went on a hike that we thought was 4 miles total. It was 4 miles each way with a five-year old in two. Not much fun, but we made it. 🙂

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