When You Find The One, You’ll Know

I think we could all agree that life is no means a fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find our very own prince charming.

If you’re currently seeing someone and that million dollar question Is he the one? Is lingering in your mind here are a few clues that he is.


  1. Trust

This may literally be the most important thing in this post so listen up. When you’re in a relationship and you put 110% of your trust in a partner, it is the most vulnerable thing anyone can do. You are are opening yourself to this person, that potentially has the ability to reach inside and rip your heart out from your chest. When you both do this, when you both know that you trust each other with your lives’ you create a type of connection, or bond that is irreplaceable. I have absolutely, positively, never seen one relationship work where there was no trust.

  1. You Can Spend Time Apart

We all love being around our S.O. But relationships aren’t only about the time you spend together, but also the time you spend apart. When you meet someone you want to potentially spend the rest of your life with, you won’t feel like you need to be with them every single second of the day, everyday and the same thing with texting or calling. What I’m saying here is completely different than when someone couldn’t care less about what you do.

  1. You’re Each Others Best Friend

Nothing screams the one more than when you’re both laughing hysterically about a joke you heard 20 minutes ago, or feeling like you can be completely you, like 100% authentic you without feeling weird, or nervous. They won’t just be the person you want to hang out with and do things with, they will be the person you confide in, and go to when you need that shoulder to cry on.

  1. They Support you

Like really support you. With whatever you choose you want to do in this crazy world, not only will they support you, but they will stand by you and help you any way they possibly can. They will want to see you succeed more than anyone else, they will push you to do things no one else would.

  1. They Will Always Respect you

Never in your relationship will they ever make you feel stupid, or unintelligent, or like you’re not as good as them. They will treat you as an equal, accept every single one of your flaws, and genuinely care about your thoughts and ideas. They will never dismiss them as dumb or unattainable.

You and I both know there are way more telling signs if your S.O.  is The One but i believe these are the most important ones.


Miss Elizabeth



Comment what you believe is the most important thing in a healthy relationship!

One Reply to “When You Find The One, You’ll Know”

  1. Being able to be each other’s best friend as well as lover. Ive been with my fiancé 7yrs now (recently enagaged) and I have to say he is my best friend. That has made us stronger everyday!

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