How To: Create Fluid Art


I recently came across a video on Facebook by INSIDER. They talk about this woman Crystal Ma, who says that “Ever since I was little, I would do really weird things”. In this video it shows her creating these amazing pieces of art with a technique named fluid art.

Now I can promise you I am no professional in art or painting but I’ve always found it enjoyable, so I thought I would try it out and share my experience with you guys!

And I know in the video they talk about her using silicone and chemicals, but I am in no way that fancy, so I am just going to be using what I have laying around.


  • A canvas, or a mix media board
  • 2 Disposable cups
  • At least 2 different acrylic paints
  • Water


  • This is a messy project, you may want paper towel nearby or if possible do this outside
  • The more colors you use the greater the effect
  • Try and stay away from and dark colors as they can wash out the others.


STEP #1: Gather All Your Supplies

This may just be my preference but whenever I start a project I like having all my materials in front of me so I’m not scrambling to get things.

STEP #2: Pour A Tiny Bit Of water In The Cup

This is only required so the paint can move more easily, as acrylic paint can be thick and stubborn sometimes.IMG_2755

STEP #3: Pour Paint Into The Cup

-Now you can choose how much of what color you want in your art. There is no rule as to  how much paint you use or don’t use, this is all up to you! I decided to you white, pink,  and baby blue.

STEP #4: Flip cup completely upside down on your canvas OR Pour the paint out of the cup onto the canvas in any way you want

STEP #5: Move Your canvas or board around until you get your desired look


My Results!


Note: This piece will take a long time to dry, be patient!


I hope you find inspiration from this! Comment your results below!


Miss Elizabeth

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