39 Things I Simply Cannot Stand


  1. Chewing with your mouth open
  2. Talking with food in your mouth
  3. When people cut me off in the middle of my sentence
  4. People not using their blinkers
  5. People that Jay-Walk
  6. People who destroy public restrooms
  7. People that don’t know what personal space is
  8. People that won’t listen to your opinion because they don’t agree with it
  9. People that only use facebook for politics
  10. Fandoms
  11. Being rushed away before putting your change away by the cashier that’s already ringing someone else up
  12. People who talk VERY loudly on their cellphones in public
  13. Texting during a movie in a theater
  14. Someone leaving my door open
  15. Family members being obsessed with your weight and always thinking you’re too thin or too big
  16. Being told to “calm down” or “chill out”
  17. People who only talk about themselves
  18. People that turn everything into an argument
  19. Immature people
  20. Bad Breath
  21. “New Year, New Me”
  22. Guys sagging their pants
  23. People that stare
  24. When someone says “what” to something you made completely clear
  25. Or someone saying “what” over and over again
  26. Being late
  27. Too much cologne/perfume
  28. Being stuck in traffic when you’re in a rush
  29. Drinking and Driving
  30. People that play their music so loud you can hear it
  31. Co-workers that don’t do their jobs
  32. Holding the door open for someone and not getting a “Thank you”
  33. Movies with horrible endings
  34. Easily offended people
  35. Bad parking
  36. When people have horrible B.O
  37. People that always complain
  38. Someone making plans and cancelling them last second
  39. Liars


Miss Elizabeth


What is your worst pet peeve or something you can’t stand? Leave it in the comments!

13 Replies to “39 Things I Simply Cannot Stand”

  1. I hate when employees at the doctor’s office don’t acknowledge you and wait until they finish wat they are doing without even so much as say, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” Plus, the 30 you mentioned! Haha! We’re soulmates. Great list and so very annoying of people who do them.

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  2. Oh gosh! Yes to all of these! We went on a hike to Arches National Park and had a group of people that were busting their music on their phone during their hike. I wanted to enjoy nature and the quiet and that was the most annoying thing ever.

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